Corfu (Kerkyra) - The Emerald Greek Island

Corfu is the most beautiful of the Ionian Islands (the "Eptanissa"). It is located in the north of the Ionian Sea, across from Italy and 3 km from the Albanian coast on the east. Unlike the islands of the Cyclades (Mykonos, Santorini, Crete etc.) the scenery is not composed of white cubic houses on barren stretches of rock. The island of Corfu is one of the greenest islands of the Mediterranean. The vegetation is lush, evergreen, century-old olive groves cover the greatest part of the island and the quantity and variation of wild flowers is astonishing! Corfu is endowed with a landscape of rustic scenery and woodlands, rich plains, hills, flourishing olive groves, imposing mountains, valleys, lakes, charming harbors and bays, long coasts with broad beaches, and traditional villages, which provide spectacular vistas and quite a variety of destinations for the tourist.

Corfu is mainly known for the lovely beaches. Therefore many people have a notion that the place is not very apt for children. However, it is a not the only thing to know. If you are bringing children for holidays, they are sure to enjoy to the fullest and will remember the experience of the visit for lifetime. Corfu has many options for children and you will be surprised to see that children enjoy more than adults on the island. The only thing required for that is proper planning of the entire travel. Take some time and involve the kids in planning the holidays to the Greek island and see how excited they become.

At the heart of Corfu's history and home to a UNESCO World Heritage site is Corfu Town. Despite severe damage in the Second World War, the town still has two huge and impressive forts as well as the 16th Century church of Agios Spiridon, other delightful French and Venetian architectural splendors as well as art galleries and museums. Around the island there are the ancient monasteries and Paleokastritsa that are well worth visiting, as much for the magical Corfu scenery as the locations themselves.

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Корфу представляет собой достаточно большой удивительной красоты остров, вот уже тысячи лет являющийся природным связующим звеном между чувственным Востоком и рационалистическим Западом. Он расположен на северо-западной границе Греции и омывается темно-голубыми водами несравненного Ионического моря. К востоку – возвышаются горные массивы находящейся напротив.
Албании. Название острова на большинстве европейских языков является искаженной формой его средневекового названия «Корифо. Корфу был родиной многих известных и значимых политических деятелей и, главным образом, интеллигенции Греции. Значительным преимуществом Корфу является культура – как современности, так и прошедших лет. Приехав на Корфу, повсюду возникает ощущение, что Вы находитесь на стыке дней сегодняшних и вчерашних. Это происходит потому, что, помимо культурного наследия прошлых времен, гармонично влившегося в ежедневный быт острова, сегодняшние его жители – удачное сочетание многих культур как Востока, так и Запада – ведут своеобразный образ жизни, который как будто рожден.

Rhodes (Rhodos) - The island of the Knights

Located in east of Aegean Sea, The Greek island of Rhodes is the home to the famous Colossus of Rhodes as well as to one of the world heritage sites too. An amazing fusion between romantic history and glorious modernity, a place where the infinity of the clear blue sea amazingly meets the mountains with cloud-topping peaks, this fascinating island in Greece exerts a strong attraction for thousands of visitors, from its secluded position in the middle of the Dodecanese islands complex.

The prehistoric Hellenic acropolis of Rhodes is located on a hill in the western part of the island. Formerly it consisted of an enormous zone full of asylum, great shrine, community buildings and dissident mausoleum. The acropolis of Rhodes was previously set on terraces mixed together with gardens. The leftovers of this building date back to the 2nd century BC, however, all of them have not been explored yet. The Stadium, though, has been fully exhumed and renovated. The good thing about acropolis of Rhodes is that you will get a chance to explore the history of Rhodes.

Rhodes boasts a particularly long summer climate, with its weather being directly affected by its warm, southerly position in the eastern Aegean Sea, west of Turkey. The climate of Rhodes is warm and pleasant all through the year, with the summer weather arriving as early as April and not beginning to cool down until November. Rhodes enjoys approx 300 days of sunshine a year (!!!!), while between April and October, the chances of uninterrupted sunshine are nearly one hundred per cent. During that period the temperature is in excess of 25 C. The summer heat is offset by a cooling, and sometimes strong, sea breeze.

Crete - An ideal travel destination

Crete is the largest island of Greece located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea. Its character is defined by a high mountain range which crosses from west to east. It is a beautiful place to visit with friends and family. Crete a perfect vacation spot with long stretches of sandy beaches, amazing coastline, crystal clear waters and traditional y villages. No wonder this island attracts many tourists. If you are looking for great clean beaches, relaxation,  romantic time and quiet time then Crete is the place to visit.

The splendor of Crete is given by its ancient sites and the mythological load that each of them carries. One of these places is Knossos, home of the famous labyrinth, a site where a strange ancient atmosphere still persists. It often leads its visitors astray. Another one of the wonders of Crete, located in the northeastern part of the island, is the modern town of Elounda which lies on the shores of the Gulf of Korthos, also known as Elounda's Lagoon.

Many tourists are attracted to the fabulous hiking along the island of Crete and one of the most famous is Samaria Gorge.  At 18 kilometers in length, it runs from Omalos Plateau to Agia Roumeli village and tourists will be able to see a wide variety of species that are unique to the area.  For the tourist and native alike, gorges such as Samaria and Plyrinia afford one the opportunity to explore the flora and fauna of Greece.  Exploring Samaria Gorge, however, is not for the weak.  To complete the hike, one will need a good seven hours.  For those that want a shorter hike, the Plyrinia Gorge takes approximately 2 hours from start to finish.